RMSORocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization (est. 2007)
RMSORegional Master Standing Offer
RMSORocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists (Denver, CO)
RMSORegional Meeting of Section Officers (American Water Works Association)
RMSORevue Mensuelle Suisse d'Odontostomatologie (French: Swiss Monthly Review of Dental Medicine; journal; Switzerland)
RMSORegimental Supply Office
RMSORegional Manufacturing Support Organization (India)
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The RMSO is authorized one biomedical technician, and ours was assigned directly from advanced individual training.
I created an RMSO production binder (similar to a leader's book) and placed in it the same trackers posted on the operations board.
Customers who were unable to adhere to the standard hours were always welcome to schedule appointments with the RMSO.
En la RMNE se produce principalmente crudo pesado ("Maya") y en la RMSO unicamente crudo ligero ("Itsmo").
En contraste, en la RMSO (crudo ligero) los efectos esperables son de alta toxicidad en el corto plazo, debido a que contienen hidrocarburos monoaromaticos (benceno, tolueno, xileno) los cuales son toxicos y poseen significativa solubilidad en agua que incrementa su potencial de bioacumularse rapidamente y en concentraciones mayores, a la vez que se retienen por periodos mas largos en los tejidos animales (NOAA, 1992b; Botello et al.
x] COV Particulas 2001 RMNE 104,901 11,747 42 212 RMSO 20,711 5,405 125 88 2002 RMNE 75,799 10,252 41 554 RMSO 7,481 5,274 201 100 Derrames de Hidrocarburos No.
This new partnership will better enable us to increase refractive surgery revenues and will serve as a model for LaserVision's entire RMSO program.