RMSPERoot Mean Square Prediction Error
RMSPERoot Mean Square Percentage Error
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Table 1: Error Analysis of the Indonesian Mandarin Orange Industry Model, 1999-2012 Variable RMSPE (%) Theil Inequality Statistics Um Us Uc Production 17 0 0.
2], Bias, PRV, and RMSPE results on DS2 for our PDE model with parameters a = 156, b = 0.
The performance of the variogram models and interpolation techniqueswere checked by cross validation and it was noted that a model with least value of RMSPE is considered the best model.
El criterio para determinarla se baso en las siguientes medidas de evaluacion dentro y fuera de la muestra: MAX (Error maximo), MIN (Error minimo), MSE (Error Medio Cuadratico), RMSE (Raiz del error medio cuadratico), RMSPE (Raiz de error medio cuadratico porcentual), MAE (Error medio absoluto) y el MAPE (Error medio absoluto porcentual).
The RMSPE and MAPE for the non-recession years are 1.
This conclusion holds even if we discard all placebo control cases from Model 3 whose RMSPE is more than twice that of Indonesia.
La primera implica el calculo de metricas descriptivas como RMSPE, MPPE, MAPE y p *.
I will categorize a country as an underachiever if the RMSPE of the forecast is greater than 50%, if 50% or more of the forecast error is due to systematic bias, and if forecasted growth is consistently above actual growth.
SDPE measures the dispersion of the forecast errors, and RMSPE accounts for both the mean and the dispersion of the forecast errors.
The results of model validation fertilizer subsidy policy for the corn crop was obtained that all equations have RMSPE values below 20 percent.
MAPE can express the estimation accuracy generally, and RMSPE is the fundamental scale for comparing the accuracies of different interpolation methods.