RMSTRisk Management Society of Taiwan (business)
RMSTResidential Mortgage Services of Texas (Houston, TX)
RMSTReliability and Maintainability Software Tools
RMSTRate Monotonic Small Task
RMSTRoofing Materials Science & Technology
RMSTRoot Mean Square Total
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Our '"basic" model (Table 2) featured a log-linear trend in [lambda] and no covariates of detection, whereas our "climate" model added fixed effects of PAS and rMST on [lambda].
RMST involved 10 repetitions of maximal inspiration with the Threshold IMT and 10 repetitions of maximal expiration with the Threshold PEP wherein the participant had to overcome a given threshold and sustain to generate flow (McConnell and Romer, 2004).
Whilst it is clear that both the RMST and the MBECF may help music therapists to understand the client's musical cognition and musical behaviour, it is also clear that neither is capable of elucidating the subtle, although clinically important, aspects of musical experience, for example musical creativity or musical assertiveness.
The new discovery of how RMST works within a gene regulatory network not only sheds light on the process of neurogenesis, but also generates new insight into how lncRNA works together with protein components to regulate the important biological processes of gene expression.
(RMST) was salvor in possession of RMS Titanic on the understanding that all artefacts recovered would be kept as a collection, exhibited to the public and not sold or otherwise disposed of.
1) the criterion of the number of epochs [s.sub.eq] for which the learning and testing errors are approximately equal (RMSL [approximately equal to] RMST);
This is the case of RMST. In the second example, every transmitted packet is acknowledged.
We are pleased to welcome to the Foundation as a trustee George Paczkowski, president, RMST Technology, Conoco, which was a major contributor to the capital campaign.
For example, it has established a relationship with the Risk Management Society of Taiwan (RMST) in Taipei that began in the summer of 1991.
Kishnani, "Increased inspiratory and expiratory muscle strength following respiratory muscle strength training (RMST) in two patients with late-onset Pompe disease," Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, vol.
In a judgment handed down on 12th August 2010, District Judge Rebecca Beach Smith, sitting in the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, determined that RMS Titanic, Inc ('RMST'), by court order salvor-in-chief of the wreck Titanic, was entitled to 100 per cent of the fair market value of approximately 2,900 artefacts recovered from the wreck site by RMST and its predecessors in title since 1993.