RMSTRisk Management Society of Taiwan (business)
RMSTResidential Mortgage Services of Texas (Houston, TX)
RMSTRate Monotonic Small Task
RMSTRoofing Materials Science & Technology
RMSTRoot Mean Square Total
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Even more intriguingly, they highlight that RMST controls SOX2 by directly interacting with the protein.
The research findings described in the press release was published in the 8th August 2013 issue of Molecular Cell under the title "The Long Noncoding RNA RMST Interacts with SOX2 to Regulate Neurogenesis".
Over the years, RMST has had significant changes in management and ownership.
The award of salvage rights to RMST was conditioned on the artefacts raised being kept together as a collection, exhibited to the public and not sold.
For the subsequent analysis (also for the comparison of the results) from among 100 selections already done the authors chose a selection the results of which (RMSL = 0,1359 and RMST = 0,1358) approximate the average values of RMS errors for the learning and testing sets of all the selections.
58] Sink - RMST [59] Intermediate Explicit (NACK) MDTC [29] Intermediate Explicit (SACK) Charfi et al.
By August 1993, when RMST filed the in rem action, the expedition had already severed the 1987 artifacts from the Titanic and transported them to France.
Here, RMST had presented the district court with a wine decanter allegedly recovered from the wreck along with evidence that the other 1993 artifacts were physically present within the District.
Although the court has found that an award of the entire fair market value of the artifacts would be appropriate in this case, the court maintains reservations about granting RMST title to the artifacts, for fear that the court would end up in a perpetual legal battle with RMST over the meaning and scope of the covenants and conditions that the United States, through the United States Attorney, has negotiated and finalized with RMST and the Court.
That the amount of RMST's salvage award could be satisfied only by the Court conveying title to the artefacts to RMST.
On 28th July 2000, for example, the court ordered that RMST could not "sell or otherwise dispose of any artefacts or any object recovered from the Titanic wreck site.
On 15th April 2008, RMST was ordered to propose restrictive covenants which were required to ensure that the artefacts were "conserved and curated in an intact collection" which were "available to the public and accessible for historical research, educational purposes, and scientific research in perpetuity .