RMSVRoot Mean Squared Velocity
RMSVRod Millen Special Vehicles
RMSVRoot-Mean-Square Voltage (electronics)
RMSVRetarded Modulation Solenoid Valve
RMSVRight Maximum Spatial Vector
RMSVRight Maximal Spatial Vector
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Although the average accuracies for the features RMSV and ([f.sub.a], RMSV) are almost equal, p-value is obtained less than 0.05 which indicates no statistical dependence.
The confusion matrix (in percent) for feature type ([f.sub.est], RMSV) for comparision with the right and left hand categorization is also been reported in Table 6.
For both right hand and left hand categorization combination of RMSV and average frequency estimated with number of zero crossings and RMS value provides the best accuracy.
And the root mean square values (RMSV) (13) of the residuals are 0.0050 mm and 0.0056 mm.
The increase in MR or RMSV for the proposed model is much smaller than the increase for MRA.
Taking Case 2 with sinusoidal errors as an example (Figure 8(b)), the measurement errors induce an increase of RMSV from 0.0100 mm to 0.0156 mm for the proposed model.