rMTFRate Modulation Transfer Function (neurology)
RMTFRigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation (Guatemala)
RMTFResource Management Task Force (California government project)
RMTFRadioactive Material Transfer Form
RMTFRisk Management Trust Fund (insurance; Florida)
RMTFRich MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Tablature Format (music notation software)
RMTFRocky Mountain Technology Foundation (Billings, MT)
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By contrast, the variable Years of Education, correlates positively with performance on all the measures, although not significantly so for RMTF or for the verbal fluency category of Vegetables.
Note: RMTF = Recognition Memory Test - Faces; RMTW = Recognition Memory Test - Words; Veg = Vegetable semantic version of the Controlled Oral Word Association Test (COWAT); Anim = Animal semantic version of the COWAT; FAS = the actual letters used in the COWAT; GNT = Graded Naming Test; WAIS-R Vocab.
0001), There was a tendency for RMTF to be influenced by NART scores, but this did not reach significance ([chi square](3, N = 139) = 6.