RMTGRocky Mountain Technology Group, Inc. (Billings, MT)
RMTGRehabilitation Medicine Technology Group (Canada)
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NSG = a + b BDG + c GCEG + d GIG + c GDPG + f RIR + g TOT+ h RMTG + [member of]i
Interest rate to derive an investment function for estimation purpose, we followed the RMTG is the Remittances flexible accelerator model of Fry (1998).
982], where PRC is the implicit price deflator for residential investment, PCON is the implicit price deflator for personal consumption expenditures, RMTG is the fixed commitment rate on 30-year conventional mortgages, UTW is an economywide income-weighted average of marginal tax rates (Federal plus State and local) on wage income, UTSIBP is the (average) property tax rate (computed from property taxes in the national income and product accounts and from BEA's estimate of the nominal residential housing stock), WXPRC is the "expected" rate of change (measured as an annualized 20-quarter moving average of actual change) in PRC, and the constant 2.