RMTLRemote, Maximum, Three phase fault, Line current
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(4) Robust Multitask Feature Learning (RMTL) [25]: RMTL ([min.sub.[THETA]] L(X, Y, [THETA]) + [[lambda].sub.1][[parallel]P[parallel].sub.*], + [[lambda].sub.2][[parallel]S[parallel].sub.2,1], subject to [THETA] = P + S), which assumes that the model [THETA] can be decomposed into two components: a shared feature structure P capturing task relatedness and a group-sparse structure S detecting outliers
In the face of such problems, Daymond and his colleagues at the Queen's Nuclear Materials Research Group have spent the past few years developing the Reactor Materials Testing Laboratory (RMTL), which will make the task of assessing such materials simpler and safer.
Queen's officially opened the RMTL in September, acknowledging a $7 million grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, a matching $7 million from the Ontario government and additional support from the university and High Voltage Engineering Europa, the Dutch-based manufacturer of the linear accelerator.