RMTPRequest Mail Transfer Protocol
RMTPReliable Multicast Transport Protocol
RMTPReserva Marina Tres Palmas (Spanish: Three Palms Marine Reserve; Puerto Rico)
RMTPRhein-Main Transfer Project
RMTPRON (RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) Overlay Network) Message Transport Protocol (Rochester, NY)
RMTPRichard Miller Treatment Plant (Greater Cincinnati Water Works; Ohio)
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En cuanto al protocolo RMTP, utiliza un mecanismo de control de congestion basado en ventana donde el emisor utiliza una ventana de congestion cong_win para recudir la velocidad de transmision cuando existe congestion en el sistema.
Protocolo Control de congestion Segun TCP RDCM Window-based BIC NORM Rate-based TCP-Friendly PGM Window-based TCP-Friendly RMTP Window-based slow-start Window-based TMTP Rate-based --
This approach included: engaging the Stakeholder Advisory Committee and the Citizen Advisory Committee, hosting region-wide open houses, creating an RTA Meeting Toolkit to allow stakeholders and organizations to host their own meeting on transit, an up-to-date RMTP webpage, hosting listening sessions with RTA CEO Michael Ford, text surveys, a Ridership Satisfaction Survey, a Public Opinion Survey conducted over the phone, ongoing media outreach, regular social media updates, advertisements on local transit, RTA newsletters (both distributed in print and online), branded giveaways to raise the profile of the RTA, in addition to RTA staff attending community events to engage with people face to face.
The CAC addresses this concept through several other listed values (affordability, accessibility, safety) in addition to 'equity.' However the RTA does not address this concept even once in their RMTP. This seems to be a major discrepancy in the objectives of the CAC and the RTA.
In Detroit, the RTA's proposed regional public transportation network and the RMTP millage that was to pay for this network failed in spite of support from the CAC.
Extended in this manner, the protocol overcomes the scalability concerns just identified, leaving us with a protocol having entirely local costs, much like SRM, RMTP, XTP, or MUSE.