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RMVRegistry of Motor Vehicles
RMVRhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (German Public Transport)
RMVRancho Mission Viejo (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
RMVReal Media Video
RMVReal Market Value
RMVRespiratory Minute Volume (Scuba diving)
RMVResults May Vary
RMVRoyal Mail Vessel (British Royal Mail; UK)
RMVRibgrass Mosaic Virus
RMVRemote Minehunting Vehicle (US Navy)
RMVRecreational Motor Vehicle
RMVReentry Measurement Vehicle
RMVRemotely Manned Vehicle
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First, the RMV representative deciding the hearing is under no obligation to approve your application, even if you meet all of the criteria to get approved.
During surgery after identification of facial nerve, while tracing branches of facial nerve forwards RMV was found to be crossing the two main trunks of facial nerve remaining lateral as shown in Figure 1.
15,000 cr per annum," said founder and CEO RMV IT, Parmeshwar Sharma.
The RMV eventually relented, saying that its staff had misapplied policy that prohibits hats or head coverings unless they're worn for religious reasons.
They were released immediately to the WFP for emergency relief work with red number plates that authorised the use of these vehicles without being registered with the RMV. After using these vehicles for several years, the WFP donated them to various governmental and non-governmental organisations.
For information on the Safe Driver Insurance Plan and insurance surcharge information, visit the RMV's Merit Rating Board.
It was heartbreak for HS Prannoy and RMV Gurusaidutt as both squandered a first- game lead to go down in their quarter- finals.
Accordingly, the court determined that the Benton County Assesor's failure to undertake a proper HBU analysis rendered it "severely handicapped," and accepted the RMV of the property as found by HP's appraiser.
As caracteristicas vegetativas do coentro foram representadas pela altura de plantas na parcela util APU, pelo rendimento de massa verde RMV e rendimento de massa seca RMS da parte aerea da planta, pelo numero de plantas por parcela NPP e pela eficiencia do uso da agua EUA.
Navy plans to install the RMV aboard the Arleight Burke-Class destroyers and Littoral combat ships as part of a mobile subsystem for the Navy's AN/WLD-1 remote minehunting system.
Wooden pounders of a similar design are known for Halmahera (RMV 5382-12), for the Abelam of the Sepik valley (RMV 5526-366) and for the Asmat on the southwest coast of New Guinea.
The RMV also establishes policy and creates the publications that govern driving and registering vehicles as well as owning and registering POFs in Germany.