RN1Route Nationale 1 (highway; various locations)
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Treatment with AA + iron significantly increased the RN1 fraction (p < 0.01, Figure 8(c)).
DB parameters for rural and urban area deployment [2] DB-BS DB-SS Parameter Rural Urban Rural Urban Pt (dBm) 74.6 63.6 -- [E.sub.med] 56.64 88.64 -- (dB[mu] V/m) Offset Frequency 706 (MHz) BW (MHz) 8 Height (m) 200 100 10 Gain (dBi) 0 14.15 Noise Figure (dB) -- 7 Coverage Radius 50 20 -- (km) Antenna Omni ITU-R BT.419-3 Thermal Noise -- -98 (dBm) Sensitivity (dBm) -- -78 -88 Propagation Model ITU-R 1546-4 [11] Network Type RN1 RN3 -- C/N (dB) 21 17 -- C/I (dB) 27 -30 23 -30 Reception -- RPC 1 Configuration Spectrum Emission GE06 -- Mask Receiver Blocking -- Protection Ratio Attenuation Mode Allowed Interfering -- -104 Signal (dBm) Table 3.
O RN1 foi submetido a 10 sessoes de terapia fonoaudiologica baseada no programa de estimulacao oral [21], que consiste em movimentos circulares na regiao das bochechas, deslizamento digital posteroanterior na regiao vestibular dos labios e ngiva (primeiro de um lado e depois do outro, na parte superior e na parte inferior), deslizamento digital posteroanterior nas laterais da lingua, com a duracao de um minuto para cada movimento e finalizando com dois minutos de SNN, antes da oferta da dieta.
Figure I Expected patterns of the effects of a Red Harvester Ant colony on number of mature plants rn1 of sideoats grama, curly mesquite, and Texas wintergrass in three spatial zones during three rainfall regimes.
Thus, when communicating a cancer that has progressed from T1, N0, M0 to T2, N1, M1 it should actually be labeled rT2, rN1, rM1.
We have now obtained a monoclonal antibody, RN1, which appears to label most, if not all, nervous components of the holothurian nervous system.
Imperial House Old Brighton Road Pease Pottage West Sussex RN1 9NG
Balsall Common's Grace Keeling with her growing collection of medals Picture: Richard Nelmes RN1 41 006KARA-2
Este proceso esta limitado por la cantidad de tierras no fragmentadas, y esta representado en la figura por el proceso de retroalimentacion negativo RN1, el cual avanza con el tiempo hasta que no haya mas tierras que puedan ser fragmentadas.
Este es un caso tipico de rasgos negativos proyectados (rn1, rn2, rn3 ...) en forma de predicados implicitos.
Variables to Facilitate Optimization RN = (RN1)(RN_Wage) = Facility RN cost per resident [RN.sup.2] = (RN)(RN) LPN = (LPN1)(LPN_Wage) = Facility LPN cost per resident [LPN.sup.2] = (LPN)(LPN) NA = (NA1)(NA_Wage) = Facility NA cost per resident [NA.sup.2] = (NA)(NA) Table 1.