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I was motivated to apply for the RNAA paper because I felt, as a resource nurse for anaesthetics, I needed to expand my knowledge and clinical skills to be better equipped to mentor and support anaesthetic nurses.
There is plenty of work for both ATs and RNAAs and these two professions must work collaboratively to meet current and projected increases in service demands.
Nurses wanting to work as RNAAs are encouraged to tell their director of nursing if they experience any barriers to workplace mentoring or formal studies in this nursing field.
This will change in 2015, when perioperative nurses will be able to enrol in an RNAA nursing paper at AUT (pending AUT board approval).
However, having a postgraduate specialty paper is a significant milestone in RNAA nursing history.
The certificate of proficiency paper will provide an alternative pathway for RNs to demonstrate RNAA specialty competencies.
RNAAs provide nursing care to the patient and support the anaesthetist during patient induction, maintenance and emergence from general anaesthesia, as well as sedation, regional and local anaesthetic procedures.
RNAa is an emerging biological discovery involving double-stranded RNAs that target promoter regions in chromosomal DNA resulting in transcriptional activation of genes.
While there's more to understand in this emerging biology, RNAa defines a new application for double-stranded RNAs that could have the potential to create an entirely new therapeutic platform for Alnylam.
We look forward to collaborating on the emerging science of RNAa biology to further explore the breadth of applications for transcriptional gene activation with agRNAs.
RNAa is mediated by double-stranded RNAs, possibly including endogenous miRNAs that target the promoter regions of genes in chromosomal DNA.