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RNAFRoyal Naval Air Force
RNAFReceive Non-Align Frame (hardware)
RNAFRoyal Netherlands Air Force
RNAFRoyal Norwegian Air Force
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The new network is scheduled for completion in early 2002 and will support both voice and non-voice applications through the interconnection of various communications hardware and software in different RNAF sites.
Flight testing by the RNAF will be conducted under European operating conditions.
The Company said that the awards are important indicators of its expanding new customer base and its expectation that the USAF and RNAF sales will bring significant visibility to this product in international markets.
JED further believes that the Netherlands also intends to mount a similar DAS (with additional provision for the AN/ALQ-131 radar jamming pod) on two C-130H aircraft scheduled to enter service with the RNAF during 1994.
Working in conjunction with contractor and systems integrator CMG, the RNAF has launched the $37mm project `Hermes' to improve the overall logistics strategy of the RNAF by automating critical material handling and distribution processes.
5 High Velocity Missile, which it claims secured acceptance of the system by the RNAF and one other European user.