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RNALReach North Asia Loop (telecommunications system; various nations)
RNALReference Neutron Activation Library (International Atomic Energy Agency; Austria)
RNALReal Nice and Laidback (gaming group)
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Visions are also used for describing a future organic system or an exte rnal standard to which the organization can strive, thereby qualifying its use as conceptual leadership.
Thus, the committee has both emphasized the importance of the inte rnal audit function and assured itself that future senior financial officers will have an internal-control orientation.
Using Ciena's WaveLogic[TM] coherent optical 100G networking processors, PCCW Global will light a ring of dark fibers on the RNAL Cable System so that it can support significantly more than its original design capacity.
Semantically the clearest cognate is certainly Burmese na 'to cease from motion or action through desire for rest; to perch, as a bird', to which corresponds Tibetan rnal 'rest'.
The processes involved in the software process improvements and the CMM evaluations are also extended into the customer relationship, and therefore in a sense, the customer perspective is also part of the inte rnal process perspective.
21) Absent noctu rnal TSH secretion surge has been reported in 58% of patients with nonthyroidal illness.
After these two departed, PwC's later batsmen struggled to score any runs in the Rnal three overs against the bowling of Bird and Dan Brockman (2-5).
With an Infinera Intelligent Network deployed across Endeavour, AAG and RNAL, Telstra can deploy highly reliable, differentiated services to their customers while reducing capital and operating costs through scale, multi-layer convergence and automation.
Robinson started to scrub her along entering the Rnal furlong and the progressive daughter of Red Ransom took control to win by threequarters of a length from Just Like A Woman.
They were none the worse for wear for their unexpected Rnal journey.