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RNAVArea Navigation
RNAVRadar Navigation
RNAVRemote Navigation
RNAVRevalued Net Asset Value
RNAVRandom Navigation Area Navigation
RNAVRealisable Net Asset Value
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For example, if there is an RNAV (GPS)-A at an airport in a given city/state, there won't also be a VOR-A, but there could be a VOR-B.
Basil Barimo, vice president for operations and safety at the airlines' trade group, the Air Transport Association, described RNAV as a "3-D flight path through space." Before departure, the pilot enters way points including longitude, latitude, and altitude into the flight control computer.
You dial in TXK's altimeter setting and prepare to brief the RNAV 5 approach again.
Rather than use the straight-in minima associated with either the ILS or the RNAV, you can break out and circle to 17 if the ceiling is high enough.
Before the introduction of the new procedures, aircraft with GPS were not able to fly from point to point of random RNAV routes below 45,000 feet unless being monitored by radar.
Thomas Cook Airlines has become the first UK carrier to gain Civil Aviation Authority approval to use GPS-based RNAV (Required Navigation) technology in landing approaches.
1-2-3 describes using a suitable RNAV system (for typical GA pilots, that's an IFRapproved GPS) as a substitute means of navigation for a VOR, DME, NDB, or LOM even when a navaid is out of service or when an aircraft is not equipped to receive a specific navaid, such as an NDB.
Note: If the RNAV circling minima is not the lowest, but is within 50 feet of the lowest, the FAA would give the RNAV preference.
The GPS approach at Shoreham Airport will be the first approved RNAV Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) non-precision approach for general aviation in the UK, the CAA said.
It includes all the major developments in communication (eg data link), surveillance (eg ADS-B and Mode S) and navigation (eg RNAV and GNSS).
On the other hand, due to some technical differences that are immaterial to pilots, most RNAV (GPS) approaches with WAAS have an electronic glideslope and are referred to as APV (approaches with vertical guidance).