RNCBRoyal National College for the Blind (est. 1872; Hereford, England, UK)
RNCBRehabilitation Nursing Certification Board (Association of Rehabilitation Nurses; est. 1984)
RNCBRussian National Commercial Bank
RNCBReadiness/NATO Coordination Board
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The 52.16% stake was purchased from local chemical producer Khimpromstroy and financial firm Garanttekhnologia, RNCB said without disclosing the price.
RNCB did not disclose the value of the transaction but said Ridder Holding had exited the banka[euro](tm)s capital.
Methods of establishing bank account -Virament contracting authority: IBAN RO34 RNCB 0249 0492 9602 0001 confirmed the statement; - Instrument of guarantee issued by a banking company or an insurance company.
The participation guarantee may constitute submission to the cashier and the airport or in the following account: IBAN - 0492 0249 9602 0001 RO34 RNCB a bid security equivalent in another currency deposited will be made at the exchange rate of the date of publication in SEAP AP.
86 of GD 925/2006 amended and supplemented, the bid bond must be irrevocable and may be through: bank transfer into the account of the contracting authority: RO63 RNCB 0116 0497 1852 0008 opened at BCR Cernavoda (LEI); EN 36 RNCB 0116 0497 1852 0009 opened at BCR Cernavoda (EUR) or by a guarantee instrument issued under the law by a banking company or an insurance company (original) to predict whether the payment guarantee will run conditioning or unconditionally.
Contracting by transfer OP account the contracting authority in EUR IBAN RO09 RNCB 0231 0195 2531 0001 opened at BCR Medias, currency SWIFT code RNCBROBU, IBAN RO41 RNCB 0231 0195 2531 0007 BCR, Medias Branch - Any
In case of establishing the participation guarantee letter of guarantee will be used III.1.1.A Account Form contracting authority is: Lei, RO63 RNCB 0116 0497 1852 0008 BCR opened at Cernavoda, Euro, RNCB 0116 0497 1852 0009 RO36, opened at BCR Cernavoda.
bid bond established by bank transfer accounts opened with BCR NCMNR UNIREA are RNCB 0082 0080 9408 RO67 or RO13 RNCB LEI 0001 0082 0080 9408 0003 EUR bidder will have to provide to the Contracting Authority a performance guarantee of contract, in original, amounting to 10% of the accepted contract, excluding VAT, established in accordance with Art.
The constitution: -letter of guarantee in favor of the contracting authority; -virament bank account 0231 0195 2531 0001 RO09 RNCB opened at BCR Medias, or any instrument of guarantee issued under the law by a bank or an insurance company according to art.