RNDARandom North Development Association (Canada)
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'RNDA wishes to thank President Muhammadu Buhari for positioning the country on the global landmark of positive developments.
B decrypts received data, generates a random number RndB, and creates a token RndBRndA' that is comprised from internally rotated RndA and RndB.
The Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment Tool (RNDA) (28) was designed in Bangladesh to determine functional status in the following domains: primitive reflexes, gross motor, fine motor, vision, hearing, speech, cognition, behaviour, and seizures of children aged 0 to 2 year(s).
cristata (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) collected from Himalayan moist temperate forests of Pakistan were characterized using internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of rNDA, a fungal molecular marker.