RNDMSisters of Our Lady of the Missions, Religieuses de Notre Dame Missions (religious order)
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We evaluated the performance of the ECAS and compared it with the maximization rate heuristic assignment scheme (MRHAS) and with a random resource assignment scheme (RNDM), as well.
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(10) When the RNDM Sisters came to Manitoba, its public school system was going through a process of reorganization and consolidation that began in 1890 and became a major national political issue.
(26) Susan Smith wrote that in the hierarchical interpretation of the Trinity, the progress from God to Christ to Church ensured "that the radical freedom of the Spirit is controlled by subordination to ecclesiastical order and discipline." Susan Smith, RNDM, Call to Mission: The Story of the Mission Sisters of Aotearoa New Zealand and Samoa (Auckland, New Zealand: David Ling Publishing Ltd, 2010), 275.
(28) The ecclesial nature of the RNDM missions, responding to the needs identified by the Church, did not change until the 1980s when missionary work was defined as a 'reignocentric' activity.
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