RNFLTretinal nerve fiber layer thickness
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They assessed RNFLT before and at 10 weeks and 6 months after laser therapy using time-domain (TD) OCT.
Furthermore, it is known that glaucomatous damage occurs preferentially in the temporal ONH quadrant [40] and tissue MBR of the temporal, superior, and inferior quadrants has been reported to be strongly associated with the RNFLT in patients with glaucoma [41].
Mean peri-papillary RNFLT of amblyopic eye and normal eyes were entered into the database.
Lastly, RNFLT and TMV metrics from OCT might reflect neurodegeneration on a more global level [13], thus supporting a possible association with walking impairment--another global manifestation of MS [14].
RNFLt in subjects with MS without a history of ON is lower than in control subjects, indicating subclinical axonal loss [9,16].
In this study, sectorial thickness values of each retinal layer at macular level, circumpapillary RNFLt of the optic nerve, and BMO-MRW were measured using SD-OCT Glaucoma Module Premium Edition (GMPE) software (Heidelberg Engineering, Germany) to assess the putative thickness differences between controls and initial glaucoma, controls and advanced glaucoma, and initial and advanced glaucoma.
The Spectralis OCT software, Heidelberg Explorer (HEE, version 5.3; Heidelberg Engineering Co., Heidelberg, Germany), was used for the automatic segmentation of the RNFL and for calculation of RNFLT. Upper and lower boundary lines were artificially and automatically adjusted when misplaced.
Thus, the BMO-MRW was demonstrated to have a stronger association with visual field sensitivity than other parameters [18, 19] and comparable accuracy for the discrimination of pre- and perimetric glaucomatous eyes using the RNFLT [16].
However, even with a faster image acquisition (approximately 2 seconds), RNFL thickness (RNFLT) measurements may be affected by artifacts and misalignments (MAs), which may occur as a result of eye or head movements [8].
Clinical findings also included retinal nerve fiber layer thickness (RNFLT) and ganglion cell complex thickness (GCCT) in the CPB and macular areas, best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA), mean deviation (MD), and refractive error.