RNFPRound Nose Flat Point (bullet)
RNFPRadar Not Functioning Properly
RNFPRegistration Network of Family Practice (Netherlands)
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PIETTA 5.5 INCH SINGLE ACTION ACCURACY CHART Load Bullet (grs) Velocity (fps) 25 yards (ins.) .45 Colt 250 RNFP 725 2.5 .45 Schofield 230 FPL 705 2.7 Groups are an average of four five-shot groups fired from a rest at 25 yards.
.45 COLT LOAD DATA BULLET BULLET WEIGHT (GR.) CASE PRIMER POWDER BBC CAST RN 200 Starline Fed-150 W-231 PENNY'S CAST WC 224 Winchester Fed-150 TiteCroup SBC CAST RNFP 250 Federal Fed-150 Viht 3N37 BBC CAST RNFP 250 Winchester Fed-155 True Blue BBC CAST RNFP 250 Starline Fed-150 Trail Boss BBCCASTSWC 255 Starline Fed-150 AA-5 BBC CAST SWC 255 Starline Fed-150 Viht N-350 BBC CAST SWC 225 Starline Fed-150 Herco HORNADY FTX** 225 Hornady Fed-155 HS-6 HORNADY FTX** 225 Hornady Fed-155 True Blue HORNADY FTX** 225 Hornady Fed-155 Long shot SREERJHP 225 Winchester Fed-150 W-231 SIERRA JHC 240 Starline CCI-300 Red Dot HORNADYXTP 250 Federal Fed-150 Power Pistol HORNADYXTP 250 Federal Fed-150 W-231 HORNADYXTP 250 Federal Fed-155 HS-6 BULLET CHARGE VELOCITY STD.
I would go with 115-grain RNFP bullets and 35 grains of W231 or HP 38.
Switching to my handloads, the most pleasant shooting Oregon Trail 240 RNFP over 5.3 grains of Trail Boss registered 700 fps and grouped in 3/4" and is definitely a load which can be shot all day long.
A popular Cowboy bullet is the 200-grain RNFP. My favorite load with this bullet is 7.5 grains of TiteGroup for a modest velocity of 745 fps, light recoil and one-hole groups.
25-YARD BENCH REST ACCURACY PERFORMANCE SMITH & WESSON HERITAGE MODEL 25 AMMUNITION TYPE GROUP SIZES (inches) SMALLEST LARGEST AVERAGE BLACK HILLS 250-grain RNFP 2 1/8 3 3/8 2 5/8 WINCHESTER 250-grain LSWC 1 1/2 3 1/4 2 1/4 NOTE: Shooting consisted of three five shot strings shot from a seated bench rest using a Millett BenchMaster rest at 25 yards.
My easy recoiling "Old Man" loads consist of the Oregon Trail 200 RNFP over 4.0 grains of Bullseye.
Using Black Hills 250-grain RNFP and Hornady 255-grain Cowboy loads, my Bisley easily managed 21/4-inch offhand groups at 25 feet and similar spreads from a rest at 25 yards, striking about four inches high.
Most cowboy action shooters prefer to use one of the Round Nose Flat Point (RNFP)-type bullets.
With N32C, 9.0 grains under a 240-grain RNFP of 1:20 alloy from cowboybullets.com will give you an honest 1,000 fps from a 4-inch-barreled S&W Model 69.