RNGCRevised New General Catalog (astronomy)
RNGCRoyal Nepal Golf Club (Kathmandu, Nepal)
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The RNGC team had Nelius Kariuki, Alice Kariuki, Joyce Wafula, Rose Mwirania, Rechel Kimani, Grace Wanjohi, Grace Waiganjo, Jennifer Karingu, Mukami Munge, Caroline Muguku, Jane Wokabi, Bee Jones and Catherine Gachie.
What about NGC 6199, the name the RNGC assigns to an extremely faint galaxy just 1.3' southwest of NGC 6196?
Several hundred objects that Herschel observed have been deemed "non-existent" as recently as 1975, when the Revised New General Catalogue of Nonstellar Astronomical Objects (RNGC) was published.
Dreyer used these incorrect positions, which subsequently resulted in the Revised New General Catalogue (RNGC) classifying the entire group as nonexistent!
Dreyer's original New General Catalogue (NGC) in 1888, its subsequent Index Catalogues (IC), and recent incarnations such as the Revised New General Catalogue (RNGC) by Jack W.
In an engaging talk about his book The "Non-existent" Star Clusters of the RNGC, Brent Archinal (U.