RNHRDRoyal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases (Bath, UK)
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Dr Esther Crawley, consultant paediatrician and service lead for the children and young people's CFS/ME service at the RNHRD, said: "Patients with CFS/ME suffer from chronic exhaustion that is not helped by sleep or rest.
The trust is tendering for the installation of fibre optic cables to the new rnhrd & therapies centre, currently under construction by kier western & wales as part of the nhs p21+ framework.
The trust wishes to test the market for the supply of furniture for the rnhrd & therapies building.
The relocation of all departments furniture, equipment and effects from the royal national hospital for rheumatic diseases to buildings and departments within the royal united hospital: the new rnhrd & therapies centre bernard ireland house diagnostic imaging wolfson centre the relocation of the therapy departments located in ruh zone a to the new rnhrd & therapies centre to access this opportunity, please register at https://nhs.Bravosolution.Co.Uk/nhs_collaborative/web/login.Html
Using only 25 beds, the RNHRD is one of the few hospitals in the UK dedicated to providing rehabilitation and rheumatology care, including chronic pain and fatigue management, to patients from across the country.
The RNHRD has had serious financial problems for some time.
After reviewing the plans, the health sector regulator agreed that RUH would be capable of maintaining and enhancing services for patients of RNHRD.