RNIMRepublican Network of Independent Monitors (election managers)
RNIMRadionuclear Imaging of Micturition (physiology)
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Table 1: Study Variables and their Measurement Scales Variable Measurement Scale Motivation Student Motivation Scale (SMS) Trust Individualized Trust Scale (ITS) Non-Verbal Immediacy Revised Non-Verbal Immediacy Measure (RNIM) Verbal Immediacy Verbal Immediacy Behaviors (VIB) Out-of-class- Frequency, content, length and communication satisfaction with OCC Variable Source Motivation Rubin, Palmgreen, & Sypher (1994) Trust Wheeless & Grotz (1977) Non-Verbal Immediacy McCroskey, Sallinen, Fayer, Richmond, & Barraclough (1996) Verbal Immediacy Gorham (1998) Out-of-class- Jaasma & Koper (1999) communication Table 2: Descriptive Statistics (Variable of Interest) N Minimum Maximum Mean Std.
Teacher nonverbal immediacy was also measured with the 10-item revised Nonverbal Immediacy Measure (RNIM) (McCroskey , Richmond, Sallinen, Fayer, & Barraclough, 1995).
The RNIM centre at The Gateway building in London Road, is one of a number of initiatives helping disabled people.