RNLCRegistered Nurse Legal Consultant
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{DELTA]In(R ULC) = [DELTA]ln(RNLC) - [DELTA]ln(RLP) (4)
In Agriculture, the highest gain of region competitiveness occurs in the Northeast (-0.005) before 1995, with both a decrease in RNLC by -0.002 and an increase in RLP by 0.003.
In Trade, the largest gain in cost competitiveness is in the Northeast (-0.017) region before 1995 and in the Interior (-0.010) region afterwards; both are from the decrease of RNLC. In Transportation, the gain in cost competitiveness before 1995 in the Coastal region (-0.005) is due to rising RLP (0.015).
It shows the annual growth rate of the coefficients of variation for RULC, RNLC and RLP for the provincial comparisons by nine industries over 1978-95 and 1995-2009.
Second, most of the convergence in RNLC occurs in the earlier period.