RNLNRoyal Netherlands Navy (also seen as RNN)
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Working with Damen gives Alion the name recognition of a global warship manufacturer that it might be missing otherwise, and the LCF is a well-proven design, with four currently in service with the RNLN. It also helps that Alion and Damen have collaborated in the past, but Samuelsen stresses that the decision to license the LCF came about as a result of careful consideration.
Nilsson, Head of Surface Warfare, Swedish Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Captain RNLN J.
One possibility mentioned is the transformation of the RNLN MARPAT Group into a Dutch-German MARPAT Group, with RNLNAS Valkenburg playing a key part.
Godderij reported that the RNLN is also involved in "Active Endeavour," a NATO operation in the Mediterranean that involves the rotation of forces from various alliance members.
There is also an increased RNLN presence in the Caribbean for counter-drug enforcement.
The upgrade -- dubbed the RNLN P-3C Capabilities Upkeep Program (CUP) -- will intregrate sensors, communications and other mission systems aboard ten Dutch Orions.
Work on the RNLN P-3C CUP is already underway, with the upgrade of the ten aircraft expected to be completed by March 2006.
The contract for the three ASD tugs emphasises the good cooperative partnership that exists between Damen and the RNLN, as well as their shared vision.
At this time, the RNLN has four conventional tugs in Den Helder at its disposal.
The RNLN was explicitly looking for a standard tug which was very environmentally friendly, as well as being powerful enough to realise heavy operations.
For the RNLN they will replace four tugs of the Linge Class.
AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) has taken delivery of a Mission Planning & Analysis System (MPAS) in the Final Operative Configuration for its fleet of NH90 NFH medium twin naval helicopters.