RNMARoyal Netherlands Military Academy
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As they are managed by communities of people sharing the same territory as well as economic, socio-cultural and/or organisational interests (RNMA, 2013), the MPAC have been creating a bond with their social and territorial environment (Gumucio-Dagron, 2001); a bond which is embodied in an opening up to participation in their activities and which cements a strategic, symbiotic and non-instrumental relationship with local actors in the same way as Bolivian mining radio stations (Herrera-Miller, 2006).
(5) The first position was held by Contacto Sur (Aler, 2015); the second position by AnRed, a news agency that is part of the RNMA (ANRed, 2015); and the third position by Otramerica (2015).
(7) An important example is the encounter of the RNMA in Argentina that takes place every year.