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RNNRoyal Netherlands Navy (also seen as RNLN)
RNNRandom Neural Network
RNNRegional News Network
RNNRecurrent Neural Network
RNNReply Not Necessary
RNNReverse Nearest Neighbor
RNNRap News Network
RNNReform Now Network (Thailand)
RNNBornholm, Denmark - Arnager (Airport Code)
RNNRoyal Norwegian Navy
RNNRenaissance News & Notes (newsletter, Renaissance Society of America)
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Bradford had council Tim Finch of the pe pr rNN m e dee ble 335 people have been settled in Belfast since January 2014
In this paper, we propose a user physical activity prediction model that uses the DC-LSTM RNN. The proposed model is a prediction method that implements a neural network, the construction of which is based on the characteristics of health-related data collectable from mobile host devices.
Regarding genotypes, RNN and BNN crossbred perform better than NN purebred.
Backed by this announcement, A2iA demonstrates once again that it is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) technology, increasing automation and decreasing the volume of checks that requires manual keying by 60%.
Under certain circumstances, the AI doesn't even use the RNN and instead use faster approximations that have a high chance of errors, riddled with pauses and hesitant responses.
Also, previous computational models that incorporated the RNN dynamics for motor control captured the essential properties of motor circuits effectively [11, 12].
where [[??].sub.nt] is the rth element in the classification score vector [[??].sub.n], [y.sub.nt] is the tth element in the classification label vector [y.sub.n], and n is the step size of RNN unit.
We decided to use two well-known deep learning models, namely, Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) to accomplish the static masquerade detection task on the implemented six data configurations.
(1) A RNN model is developed to reconstruct the unknown general system dynamics by using input-output data of the system, and then a control scheme that integrates adaptive output-feedback control methodologies with data-driven model dynamics is proposed for the unknown MIMO nonlinear systems.
Sabry demanded in his lawsuit that the minister of interior shut down RNN for its involvement in attacks against the state and for taking part in an international conspiracy against Egypt.