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David Gossen, IMP Aerospace & Defence President, stated the firm is "very pleased to successfully complete this complex modification program on the RNoAF P-3 Orion fleet.
This study explores the benefits of holistic debriefing as a method of individual, unit, and organizational transcendence toward increased effectiveness in the RNoAF. It is presented in the context of the transformational and complexity theories of leadership science.
(6) The ultimate goal of incorporating holistic debriefing in the RNoAF is to increase mission effectiveness.
Since 1990 the amount of risk and stress for operational personnel in the RNoAF has increased due to a step-up in international engagement and higher demands for efficiency.
Emotional debriefing has been used as a supplement to the traditional debriefing in two RNoAF squadrons since 2001, and the positive effects have raised the question of whether this concept can be integrated into the entire organization.
Different development programs within the RNoAF have used Joar Skjevdal's Core Model as a basic tool for analysis and understanding of the human core (see fig.
4) is taken from the RNoAF Academy's manual Emotional Debriefing.
This model represents a visualization of the framework used in psychological debriefing in the RNoAF's 330th and 337th Squadrons in the period 2001-2007.
The structured elements used in the psychological debriefing initiated in the two maritime RNoAF helicopter squadrons have been personality factors, motivation, and trust.
One of the respondents in a survey that asked about the perceived effects of psychological debriefing at the RNoAF's 337th Squadron observed that "many of the flight safety initiatives, the way we debrief and interact with each other, lead to increased self-knowledge.
The experiences after introducing psychological debriefing to the RNoAF's 330th and 337th Squadrons indicate this assumption is right.
The RNoAF presently operates F-16s in three squadrons 338 Skv in Orland and 331 and 332 Skv in Bodo.