RNORResident but Not Ordinary Resident (residential status; India)
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The procedure listed below uses RNOR, which provides a standard normal where it occurs in an expression, and UNI, which provides a uniform (0,1) variate.
In terms of both speed and size, we have chosen to use a new implementation of our ziggurat method [Marsaglia and Tsang 2000], providing the required RNOR most of the time in-line, in C.
Complete listings for the inline generators UNI and RNOR follow.
We thank the Almightly Allah on this blessed day for receiving the Royal Navy of Oman vessel, RNOR Khassab, the fourth and last of project Al-Ofouq which stipulated to equip the RNO with four inshore patrol vessels, equipped with state-of-the-art systems, which enable these ships to perform their national duty efficiently and effectively.
The achievement was witnessed by the resident onsite Royal Navy of Oman Representatives (RNOR) Captain Abdulhameed Al Sinani, Commander Mudhafar Al Riyami and Lieutenant Commander Mubarak Al Kasbi.
(Presidents Carlos Menem and Fernando de la Rua routinely borrowed abroad to meet the greedy demands of the governors--who, as the examples of Duhalde, Rodriguez Saa, and Menem himself make clear, are often the same person.) Of Argentina's eleven-billion-dollar budget deficit in 2001, no less than three billion dollars was generated by provincial gove rnors, whose debts and regular defaults must in the last resort be assumed by Buenos Aires.
This is the basic point that has led many researchers to ignore money and, indeed, that has led the staff of the Fed's Board of Gove rnors to construct a large, sophisticated, and expensive new macroeconometric model that does not recognize money in any capacity.
a The session has been organised r as part of Presiding r Officer Rosemaryr Butler's ' Women in Public Life campaign, aimed at encouragingr more r women in Walesa toget invon lvedv in public life by becoming magig stra t tes, councillors,r lawya ery s,r schoolc goveo rnors r or seeking other public roles.