RNPERevised National Policy on Education (Botswana)
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Minister Arone however mentioned that RNPE provided repetition for 18 per cent of the learners, bearing in mind the availability of resources to accommodate other learners who are in progression.
This situation survived the RNPE of 1994, which in spite of recommending the incorporation of a third language in the JC curriculum, does not make it clear whether this third language would be an indigenous language or not.
A cette prestation federale s'ajoute le regime national de prestations pour enfants (RNPE), qui est constitue de fonds destines aux provinces pour le developpement de la petite enfance, de services de soutien aux enfants des familles a faible revenu et du Supplement de la prestation nationale pour enfants (SPNE).
In 1994, the Revised National Policy on Education (RNPE) was released.
On the teacher/student ratio, Mr Arone said the ministry had not done well in adhering to the Revised National Policy on Education (RNPE) which called for the student teacher ratio to be 1:30.
The Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Program was recognized as essential in the preparation of children for basic education in the Revised National Policy on Education (RNPE, 1994) in Botswana.