RNPSReads No Package State (computer programming)
RNPSRoyal Naval Patrol Service (UK)
RNPSRelational Net Promoter Score (survey)
RNPSReserva Nacional Pacaya Samiria (Spanish)
RNPSRegistered Number Plate Supplier (UK)
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Multitargeting RNA-binding is commonly seen for RBPs [99, 100], and the target transcripts of individual RNPs usually share a unique consensus motif as previously reported for IGF2BP1 [47] and other RBPs [99,100].
Furthermore, TDP-43 and FUS shuttle between the nucleus and the cytosol, where they may form cytoplasmic RNP granules [18] that transport within dendrites and axons.
En la RNPS la cogestion llego de la mano de organizaciones ambientalistas que a medio plazo consiguieron incorporarla en la administracion del area natural protegida, concretamente en el Plan Maestro del ano 2000.
Mateju et al., "Promiscuous interactions and protein disaggregases determine the material state of stress-inducible RNP granules," eLife, vol.
While the most recent studies have focused on the RNA content of purified exosomes, microvesicles, and RNPs, the overall distribution of particular RNA classes and species in the major blood fractions, such as cells, plasma, and plasma fractions, remains under investigation.
"Using RNPs made outside the cell, so that the cell is responsible for as little of the process as possible, has made a big difference."
SHQ1 is required prior to NAF1 for assembly of H/ACA small nucleolar and telomerase RNPs. RNA 15:1188-1197.
* Expediente de la Revista Varela conformado con vista a la inscripcion en el RNPS (20022003).
Loss of immune tolerance to components of large RNP moieties being part of spliceosomes or ribosomes seems to be characteristic for distinct SARD [2].
These nuclear antigens include single strand (ss) and double strand (ds) DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), histone proteins, nucleosome (histone-DNA complex), centromere proteins, and extractable nuclear antigens (ENA) (Smith antigen (Sm), Ro, La, ribonucleoprotein (RNP), etc.).
Fischer, "SMN-mediated assembly of RNPs: a complex story," Trends in Cell Biology, vol.
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