RNRAResonant Nuclear Reaction Analysis
RNRARiver North Residents Association (Chicago, IL)
RNRARenewable Natural Resources and Agriculture (Department for International Development; UK)
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Some public institutions, such as the RNRA, give out some data for a fee, for example, the orthophotos.
Because data access is one of the greatest challenges to GIT adoption in Rwanda, it is imperative for the RNRA (the government institution in charge of Geo-ICT) to develop good relationships with these key institutions and to coordinate the process to achieve collaborative sharing of existing data.
Nitrogen depth profiling was carried out by means of the resonant nuclear reaction analysis (RNRA) employing the reaction [.sup.15]N[(p, [alpha]y).sup.12][C.sup.14] The measurements were performed at the Gottingen IONAS accelerator.
They were measured by the RNRA method, which has a maximum detection depth of around 500nm due to the limited proton energy of the used accelerator.
The film thickness and the nitrogen depth could not be correlated, because of the limited measurement range of the RNRA method.
Acknowledgements We thank Detlef Purschke for his assistance during the RNRA measurements at the IONAS accelerator.