RNSARéseau National de Surveillance Aérobiologique
RNSARoyal Naval Sailing Association (UK)
RNSAResidue Number System Arithmetic
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El almacenamiento total de carbono en la biomasa aerea para la RNSA fue estimado considerando el promedio del almacenamiento y el area total de cada tipo de bosque.
Se estimo el potencial de reduccion de emisiones de GEI por efecto de la reduccion de la deforestacion en la RNSA durante un periodo de 20 anos, tal como lo recomiendan Angelsen et al.
Los bosques de la RNSA presentaron una alta diversidad beta por tener pocas especies en comun (Tabla 2), en donde el bosque maduro es mas semejante a los dos restantes; mientras que el achaparrado y subparamo tienen pocas especies comunes (Tabla 2).
One of the main differences between the PNSA role and our New Zealand RNSA role is remuneration.
Some RNSAs have taken the role further and have gone on to complete their nurse practitioner (NP) accreditation with the NCNZ and so work as a NP perioperative.
Following the reference [5], other parameters in these simulations are set as follows: the self sample threshold [r.sub.s]=0.05, and detector's radius in RNSA is set as 0.1.
4 shows the comparison results of the RNSA, V-detector NSA, GA based NSA and our proposed DE-CMOP based NSA.
5 shows the detection performance result of RNSA, V-detector, GA and DE-CMOP based NSA with self sample threshold changed from 0.01 to 0.1.
As shown in Table 1, the time complexity of VorNSA is in logarithmic level with Ns, which is much less than the traditional exponential level compared with NNSA [1], RNSA [2], and V-Detector [4].
The compared algorithms include the classic NSAs (RNSA, V-Detector), a newly proposed NSA (BIORV-NSA) in 2015.
The RNSA is considered an expanded practice role which requires additional education and acquisition of specific knowledge and skills (New Zealand Nurses Organisation, 2014).
The RNSA works collaboratively with and interdependently of the surgeon but under his or her supervision during a surgical procedure to provide safe surgical practices with optimum results for the patient (New Zealand Nurses Organisation, 2014).