RNSCRéseau National des Systèmes Complexes
RNSCRestricted Neighborhood Search Clustering (bioinformatics)
RNSCRoyal Nassau Sailing Club (Bahamas)
RNSCRochester Nordic Ski Club (New York)
RNSCRecursive Non-Systematic Convolutional
RNSCReceptor-Dependent Negative Slope Conductance (neurophysiology)
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These neuroprogenitors have been named "radial glia-like cells" (rNSCs), or type 1 cells, since they morphologically and functionally resemble the embryonic radial glia.
IL-1[beta] may act directly on rNSCs (visualised by labeling with the Sox2 marker), as they express IL-1R1 in the adult hippocampus [91].
Rather than increasing the proliferation and neurogenic output of the few rNSCs remaining in an old AD brain, it may be more relevant to develop strategies that prevent the age-related loss of neuroprogenitors in presymptomatic patients.
The number of microglia is also inversely correlated with the number of hippocampal proliferating cells, rNSCs, and neuroblasts in aged (8 months) mice subjected to voluntary running, as well as in vitro cocultures of microglia and neuroprogenitors, which has been interpreted as resulting from an overall inhibitory effect of microglia on adult neurogenesis [161].