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RNSPRéseau National de Santé Publique
RNSPRedwood National and State Parks (Crescent City, CA)
RNSPRobert Noyce Scholarship Program
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RNSP. RNSP is one of the Tibetan medicines composed of 70 natural components.
Li et al., "Ratanasampil (tibetan medicine, RNSP) reduces A-amyloid protein and proinflammatory factor levels and improves cognitive functions in mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients living at high altitude," Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, vol.
The oral intake of antioxidant nutrients, including propolis, RNSP, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, will prevent and reverse microglia aging, thereby improving cognitive function and slowing brain aging.
I've been working with a stock Model 94 carbine, shooting Winchester's 117-grain RNSP factory load as well as some standard handloads.
The .25-35 Model 94 has the fastest rifling twist of any Winchester lever action rifle made, being 1:8", and sports a long throat for the standard, snaky looking, 117-grain RNSP. Actually, the 117-grain bullet has the same sectional density as a 165-grain, 30-caliber bullet, and has a well-founded reputation for penetration on game as well as for accuracy.
A trip to my favorite purveyor of reloading goodness in Dallas resulted in proper RCBS dies, Norma unprimed cases, and even the special 0.313-inch 175-grain RNSP bullets Speer once made just for that cartridge.
Graf/Hornady is loaded with a 160-grain RNSP bullet measuring .267", which is the correct diameter for the Carcano barrel.