RNSRRoyal Naval Special Reserve
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She added that the RNSR organized on the sideline of the celebration a training workshop on "Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development " during which social responsibility-related working papers were discussed.
Yousef Abdul Ghaffar, Chairman of the Regional Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (RNSR); RNSR's Board members; officials; intellectuals; businessmen; civil society and media leaders.
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Repair Contract for Amar Raja make Integrated Power Supply Systems (Signalling work) provided at MNGR, GJS, SRW, KESR, PRUR, RNSR, JUP, SWNI, CRW, KGBS, JTS, KSI, CKD, MHU stations of Bikaner Division of NWR for period of 3 years