RNTDRosettanet Technical Dictionary
RNTDRede Nacional de Transmissão de Dados (Portuguese: National Network of Data Transmission; Brazil)
RNTDRelative Normalized Total Dose (radiotherapy)
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Given the breadth of our product offering, PIP 2A9, combined with RNTD is the most efficient way to communicate with our distributor partner, Avnet," said Gary Sheetz, manager of business-to-business e-commerce at Tyco Electronics.
Tyco Electronics will be the first partner to share data from the RNTD, beginning this month.
ChipData proved its leadership within the electronic industry by being the first, and only, RosettaNet Solution Partner to successfully validate multiple-business-partner query and response interactions using PIP 2A9 and its standardized dictionary, RNTD (RosettaNet Technical Dictionary).