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RNTPRussian National Trade Point
RNTPRespiratory Neurobiology Training Program (University of Wisconsin)
RNTPRevised National Tuberculosis Programme (World Bank)
RNTPRibosomal Nucleotide Tri-Phosphate
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The reaction mixture (10 [micro]L) contained 2ng/[micro]L, 1,000 bp DNA template with a T7 promoter, transcription buffer, 2 mM spermidine, 10 mM DTT, 2 mM of each rNTP, 2 units//Th RNasin, and 6 [micro]L of collected QD: T7RNAP solution.
To this end 1/50 (10 [micro]L) of each collected fraction was supplemented to a final volume of 12.1 [micro]L with spermidine, DTT, rNTPs, and RNAse inhibitor (at concentrations described for the previous activity tests) and ~20 ng DNA.
So HIV begins to use rNTP, which is quite similar from a chemical perspective.
When the team blocked the ability of the virus to interact with rNTP, HIV's ability to replicate in macrophages was slashed by more than 90 percent.
Current drugs generally target dNTP, not rNTP, and take aim at the infection in immune cells known at CD4+ T cells.