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RNVRRoyal Naval Volunteer Reserve
RNVRRisk-Neutral Valuation Relationship (finance)
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Thus, the RNVR principle can be applied even in incomplete insurance markets to value various insurance contracts.
On leaving the RNVR in 1946, he joined Britain's diplomatic service and was sent to South Africa.
WAR 100 He joined the RNVR (Mersey Division) attached to HMS Eagle, heading in the list in shooting efficiency, whilst he was placed fourth in all England RNVR competitions.
May I point out that Keith Cyril Lanman is in fact recorded on the War Memorial at Barmouth as Keith Lanman Laweienny Lodge RNVR.
RMR Tyne began as the Tyne Centre RMFVR in 1954, formed aboard HMS Satellite, RNVR, at Newcastle upon Tyne.
Sir, - In landlocked Birmingham, the news that Commander Henry Duff-Still, DSO, DSC, RNVR, a wartime destroyer captain, had died may be of little interest.
I flew there from 1954 with 1833 RNVR Naval Squadron.
Surprisingly, his request was granted and he was commissioned into the RNVR in April 1915, but after spending a year back in France as an administrative officer with the Royal Naval Air Service he was invalided out.
Following the war she was scheduled for breaking up but was transferred to the RNVR for use as a clubhouse, where she stayed until 1990 moored on the Clyde, in central Glasgow.
It is the Centenary of the RNR, formed in 1903 in Glasgow as the RNVR.
She was a Comus class corvette entering service in 1884 and ending it in 1907 when she became the drill ship for the Tyne Division of the RNVR, then sold for scrap in 1927.
We joined Tyne Division of the RNVR at about the same time in 1949, and subsequently joined the RN for National Service on January 4, 1950.