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RNWMPRoyal North West Mounted Police (est. 1873; Canada)
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The announcement that the two provinces would outlaw the sale of liquor led the RNWMP to exercise the option both parties had to cancel contracts for provincial policing in Alberta and Saskatchewan on a year's notice.
Gray believed that this final act of defiance would not be tolerated; so he personally requested that the RNWMP intervene and support the "specials." (42) When the crowd became unruly and began to derail a streetcar, the Mounties stormed the assembled mob.
This event involved a troop of armed and mounted RNWMP officers, 1,500 special police and hundreds of militia enforcing the Riot Act against a crowd of approximately 6,000 pro-strike veterans, strikers, and strike sympathizers as well as men, women and children onlookers.
It turned me into a lifelong North West Mounted Police junkie and led to my acquisition of any number of bits and pieces of NWMP, RNWMP and RCMP memorabilia for my collection, not the least of which is the force's ultra-romantic Colt New Service revolver.
(55.) The RNWMP transmogrified into the RCMP as a direct response to the "leftist threat." For an excellent engagement with the construction of the RCMP in relation to the left, see Steve Hewitt, Riding to the Rescue: The Transformation of the RCMP in Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1914-1939 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006).
Fred English, Calgary agent of the CPR, has been served with four notices of infringement of the Lord's Day Act by the RNWMP authorities.
In the northwest the advancing bourgeois moral order was in the final analysis the product of the activities of the RNWMP launched in 1873.
will be compelled to take measures for its own protection." (118) On the night of 16/17 June, the Dominion Government acted, authorizing the arrest of ten Winnipeg strike leaders and RNWMP raids of the Labor Hall, Ukrainian Labor Temple, and Winnipeg SPC offices.
(22) The union publicly accused the RNWMP of "entering the miners' houses at number three and by their presence intimidating those foreigners who do not understand this is a free country and that no man needs work if he don't wish toy." (23) Thus.
Some other useful information on the Bay Line placenames, a 1913 RNWMP report on a dog team patrol from The Pas to Churchill, the technical explanation of the stubborn "sinkhole" problem for maintenance of way, the 1995 "Gateway North" task force report, and a list of contacts for the tourists attractions in Churchill are appended.