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RNWMPRoyal North West Mounted Police (est. 1873; Canada)
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At the semiannual executive elections on 2 July, "there was an unusual reluctance on the part of the Socialists to accept office," possibly influenced by the RNWMP raids.
315, Strikes and Lockouts file, Strike 224, June 1919; "Sympathetic--Victoria," RNWMP Report, "Conditions in Victoria Re: Mass Meeting held Athletic Park 26-6-19"; "Strike Ends This Morning at Eight," Colonist, 27 June 1919.
McLean, Comptroller of the RNWMP since 1917, wrote (secretly and confidentially) to E.
Stuart Edwards sent the bill for the accumulated costs of legal fees associated with the prosecution of the strike leaders--including the claims delivered by Andrews in late August--to the Comptroller of the RNWMP.
Just as he had in August, McLean refused on behalf of the RNWMP to assume financial responsibility for the legal assault on the strike leadership.
On 19 September 1919, Edwards told Andrews that the delay in responding to his financial claims was a result of the RNWMP "having taken the position that they are not responsible for this expenditure.
Sergeant Campbell then stomped upstairs to the chief secretary's office and telephoned the RNWMP barracks.
The soldiers were told to "fall in," resumed their "rough formation with bugles blowing," and tramped along Seventh Avenue towards their new destination -- the RNWMP barracks.
The "worst agitator of the outfit," Private Julio Pelegrino of 211th, made his way up a fire escape towards the barred window of the guardroom, where four RNWMP men were watching over the prisoners.
Along with Gosden was Frank Zaneth, an RNWMP undercover operator who was referred to as Secret Agent No.
38) For the role and structure of the RNWMP, see S.
Within a few years, however, it became clear to those in command of the RNWMP that this informal arrangement presented a number of problems.