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ROAFReduced-Order Adaptive Filter
ROAFRomanian Aid Foundation (UK)
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All three gave back as coaches before moving on to other ventures (Favre at Oak Hill High School in Mississippi; Roaf at Santa Monica College in California; Huff at Indiana University, University of Kansas, the USFL Memphis Showboats and NFL Houston Oilers).
Here, captain Dave Tapp and lady captain Cathie Roaf celebrate with representatives of Flintshire Young Carers
During the presentation Roaf, who was IMF Resident Representative inA BulgariaA in the early 2000's, noted that the CEE countries who made serious structural reforms in the 1990's had already recovered and their economies are developing faster.
Roaf was knocked down and she and her son were struck by the car.
Roaf, an award winning teacher, architect, researcher and author, addressed the gathering on "Sense and Science: Minimising Risk in the Built Environment in a Rapidly Changing World.
In addition, business is facing what Roaf, from Edinburgh's Heriot Watt University, called an "investment timebomb" as real estate projects are suddenly made obsolete by climate change.
I suggested Andree Roaf, although I had never met her or heard her speak.
Professor Roaf was about to set sail for India with a mountaineering party for the Himalayas and he was invited by his aunt to inspect the expedition equipment and then acted as their chauffeur.
Robert Roaf, Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Liverpool University.
Above, Polly Feather, Heather Miles, Maria Sjolander-Da-Cruz, Gemma Atkinson, Lynn Gray, Vanessa Webster, Helen Wootton; right, (back) Sue Roaf, Eric Morrall (RSA Chairman), Clarke Jenkins (RIBA), (front) guest speakers, Julia Barfield, Maggie Toy
Michael Roaf Institut fur Vorderasiatische Archaologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat, Munich