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ROAGRotating Off-Axis Guider (photography tool; astronomy)
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"Tourism is vital to the economy of East Loch Roag and our islands.
Ray took his place behind the second drum kit (kindly vacated by Pete's younger brother, Roag), while Geoff saddled up to the backing vocal microphone.
For his part, Pete Best didn't try anything tricky, leaving all the flashy fills to half-brother Roag on the other kit.
The Magical Beatles Museum is owned and run by Roag Best, brother of the "fifth Beatle" Pete, and utilises his own collection of Beatles memorabilia.
Many of the items on show at the museum come from Roag's personal collection, cultivated over more than 30 years, including items given to him by his mother, brother and father Neil Aspinall.
Pete's brother and manager Roag Best added it was a "pity our mother isn't here to see it as without her none of it would have happened."
The blaze was discovered at about 1.20am at Loch Roag, Breasclete, on the Isle of Lewis.
Aspinall, of Twickenham, Middlesex - who sang on Yellow Submarine - left his fortune to his wife of 40 years Suzy and children Roag, Gayla, Dhara and step-children Julian and Amanda.
Another important character in our story arrived the month before Pete Best was ousted from the biggest band in history, when mother Mona gave birth to a son Roag, born July 21 1962.