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ROAMRoll over America (velomobile tour)
ROAMReal-time Optimally Adapting Meshes
ROAMReturn On Assets Managed
ROAMRivers, Oceans and Mountains (Canada; travel company)
ROAMRule of Air Management (fire safety)
ROAMRoots of A Mountain (Counter-strike source clan)
ROAMRobotics ORU Assembly and Maintenance
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The leaves were green and the small birds sang blithely, just as they used to do in fair Sherwood when Robin Hood roamed the woodland shades with a free heart and a light heel.
For the better part of a week he roamed the jungle with his new friends, partly because of a desire for companionship and partially through a well-laid plan to impress himself indelibly upon their memories, which at best are none too long; for Tarzan from past experience knew that it might serve him in good stead to have a tribe of these powerful and terrible beasts at his call.
For several days this strangely assorted pair roamed the jungle together.
"And there among the hills she met a young warrior, whose duty it was to guard the feeding zitidars and thoats and see that they roamed not beyond the hills.
In the town were some substantial windowless houses of stone scattered among a wilderness of thatched cabins; the streets were mere crooked alleys, and un- paved; troops of dogs and nude children played in the sun and made life and noise; hogs roamed and rooted contentedly about, and one of them lay in a reeking wallow in the middle of the main thoroughfare and suckled her family.
Twelve years had passed since his body had been found upon the bluff before his cottage overlooking the Hudson, and oft-times during these long years I had wondered if John Carter were really dead, or if he again roamed the dead sea bottoms of that dying planet; if he had returned to Barsoom to find that he had opened the frowning portals of the mighty atmosphere plant in time to save the countless millions who were dying of asphyxiation on that far-gone day that had seen him hurtled ruthlessly through forty-eight million miles of space back to Earth once more.
A group of children, those little bare-footed savages who have always roamed the pavements of Paris under the eternal name of
Through interconnection, Zong 4G's subscribers can now roam internationally while maintaining their LTE connectivity.
To avail any of the 'Roam Like Home' service, Freedom postpaid customers with active roaming service can subscribe through My Etisalat UAE app, by dialing *177#, by SMS, or call the customer care centre or visit the nearest Etisalat business centre.
The BEREC, Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications, in its report, ""International Roaming Analysis of the impacts of "'Roam Like at Home'" (BEREC, 2014), underlines these contradictions.
With Globe Roam Surf, you get to enjoy full 24-hour data roaming connectivity.
"Our goal is to bring the most convenient and secure ways for merchants to transact with their customers on virtually any computing devices," said Will Graylin, Founder and CEO of ROAM Data.