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ROAMSReusable Object Access and Management System
ROAMSReplacement Operations Automated Management System
ROAMSRover Analysis, Modeling and Simulation (software; US NASA)
ROAMSRemote Off-Air Monitoring System (US NOAA)
ROAMSReusable Object Access Management System
ROAMSRobotics and Automation in Space Symposium
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For the better part of a week he roamed the jungle with his new friends, partly because of a desire for companionship and partially through a well-laid plan to impress himself indelibly upon their memories, which at best are none too long; for Tarzan from past experience knew that it might serve him in good stead to have a tribe of these powerful and terrible beasts at his call.
'To roam, yea, roam, and roam!' "Gently the Badgers trotted to the shore The sandy shore that fringed the bay: Each in his mouth a living Herring bore-- Those aged ones waxed gay: Clear rang their voices through the ocean's roar,
Here once, through an alley Titanic, Of cypress, I roamed with my Soul -- Of cypress, with Psyche, my Soul.