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ROARSRoyal Omani Amateur Radio Society (Oman)
ROARSRamona Outback Amateur Radio Society (Ramona, CA)
ROARSRobust Analytical Speech Recognition System
ROARSRMS Operational Agreements and Responsibilities
ROARSRadio Officers' Amateur Radio Society
ROARSRooms Operations and Related Services (Marriott)
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Tonight Tarzan will take the lair of the man-eater and Numa may roar and grumble upon the outside.
Instead he rumbled forth a menacing roar and took a few steps in Tarzan's direction.
He saw a buck pass--an old buck--and then a young and plump one came opposite the giant in ambush, and Schneider's eyes went wide and a scream of terror almost broke from his lips as he saw the agile beast at his side spring straight for the throat of the young buck and heard from those human lips the hunting roar of a wild beast.
He had almost reached it when a horrid roar broke from the mouth of the cave and almost simultaneously a gaunt, hunger mad lion leaped into the daylight of the gulch.
Next, Mulcachy laid hands on him, on his head, on his ears, on his very nose within an inch of his fangs; and he could do nothing but snarl and roar and pant for breath as the noose shut off his breathing.
Save for himself, the arena was deserted, although, overhead, suspended from the roof-bars, were block-and-tackle and seven strong iron chairs that drew his instant suspicion and caused him to roar at them.
It was neither snarl, nor growl, nor roar, that cry, but a sheer scream, as if something had broken inside of him.
With a roar of pain and anger the beast sprang; but, somehow, Clayton stumbled to one side, and as he turned again to face the infuriated king of beasts, he was appalled at the sight which confronted him.
There was a flash of flame, the roar of the discharge, and an answering roar of pain and anger from the beast.
It was the surprise at the blinding flash and the deafening roar that had caused her hasty but temporary retreat.
Till the Tsar reached it, each regiment in its silence and immobility seemed like a lifeless body, but as soon as he came up it became alive, its thunder joining the roar of the whole line along which he had already passed.
Traveling incognito as Roar, she hopes to learn to calm storms and save her home from the dark prince.