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ROASRouter on a Stick (computing)
ROASReturn on Advertising Spending
ROASRetrospective Overt Aggression Scale (neuropsychology)
ROASRobin On A Stick (internet art/photography project)
ROASRegional Office Administrative Services
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It is about ninety-seven miles in length, and seventy- eight in breadth, rising gradually into three pyramidal summits or cones; the highest, Mouna Roa, being eighteen thousand feet above the level of the sea, so as to domineer over the whole archipelago, and to be a landmark over a wide extent of ocean.
"Our goal is to provide unparalleled recruiting support utilizing skilled and accomplished recruiting professionals," says Roa, who is mainly responsible for making Sysgen RPO the offshore RPO support provider of choice for staffing firms in the US, Canada, and Australia.
Taipei, April 11, 2012 (CENS)--Last year Taiwan's private financial holding companies (FHCs) performed better than their government-linked counterparts in return on equity (ROE) and return on asset (ROA), with the top-four ROE performers of the 14 FHCs in 2011 being all private, namely Fubon Financial Holding Co., Chinatrust Financial Holding Co., Taishin Financial Holding Co., and Yuanta Financial Holding Co.
The quotidian is a time-space juncture one can generally associate with routine, and within it Roas finds horrifying events, and the ideas behind them that most affect us.
In the second quarter of 2005, Arkansas banks collectively had a return on their average assets (ROA) of 1.2 percent, third highest among the seven states in the U.S.
unranked contractors' commercial segment ROA is again due to extreme values, because the difference is not significant after we remove observations with ROAs more than two standard deviations from the mean.
I regress the change in ROA from year t to t+1 against the ROA in year t and the change in ROA from year t-1 to t.
"The two Roa brothers were sentenced to suffer the penalty of life imprisonment and pay a fine of Php400,000.00, while their nephew will undergo six months rehabilitation in a government rehabilitation facility being a first time offender", Aquino said.
Hence, it is not surprising that Roas has finally decided to publish his own monograph defining the genre he knows so well.
Table 4 indicates that JIT adopters' ROAs declined an average of 3.6 percent ([0.054 - 0.056] / 0.056) from the pre- to post-adoption period, which is significant in a two-tailed signed rank test (p = 0.055).
Arkansas Business last ranked the state's banks by ROAs produced in 1995, so it's hard to tell if Peoples Bank ranked first in the state in 1996 or 1997.