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ROBERoll-On Beyond-line-of-sight Enhancement
ROBERiders and Owners of Buell in Europe (motorcycle organization)
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My mother lay in bed with the christening robe beside her, and I peeped in many times at the door and then went to the stair and sat on it and sobbed.
With great care he draped the robe about him; the bloody blotch that had covered the severed neck he arranged about his own head.
The Guardian unlocked a closet and took from it a white robe, which the soldier threw over Ojo.
We will pardon their fault, and when they can bring hither a perfect Fairy crown, robe, and wand, they shall be again received as children of their loving Queen.
That evening he gave him a long and rich robe of state, and presented him with two thousand sequins.
As Stutely sat thus, there came a great house cat and rubbed against his knee, raising his robe a palm's-breadth high.
He lay down again, pulled the edge of the robe around his neck and over his ear-flaps, closed his eyes, and this time fell asleep.
He had exchanged his shirt of mail for an under tunic of dark purple silk, garnished with furs, over which flowed his long robe of spotless white, in ample folds.
It is a robe of state: Woven by a Venetian: the stuff, cut-velvet: The pattern, pomegranates: each separate seed Wrought of a pearl: the collar all of pearls, As thick as moths in summer streets at night, And whiter than the moons that madmen see Through prison bars at morning.
I piled straw and buffalo robes into the box, and took two hot bricks wrapped in old blankets.
The gentlemen were dressed in the very latest Paris fashions, and the robes of the ladies glinted among the trees like so many snowflakes.
So, offering him a robe as a reward, he asked of him whether he had noticed stolen cattle being driven past.