ROBISRisk of Bias in Systematic Reviews (healthcare)
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In 2003, in an attempt to provide proof of the deposits, Robis presented to the BSP falsified certificates of time deposit totaling P45.3 million, supposedly issued by Land Bank of the Philippines' United Nations Avenue Branch in Manila.
It was established during the trial that the nonexistent deposits, which were reported in the cash-in-bank account upon his instructions, represented funds collected for the rural bank by a finance company owned and controlled by Robis and his family.
About the AskED[R] ePollbook: Robis Elections created the unique AskED[R] product suite to solve Election Day issues on-site and off-site with accuracy and consistency, including same day voter registration.
About Robis Elections: Robis is a Chicago area company that has been providing innovative technology solutions since 1991.
"Equities rally, the Treasury curve steepens, and the dollar weakens," Robis said.
"Draghi's speech in late July kick-started this," Robis said.
The conviction stemmed from a criminal complaint filed in 2008 by BSP's Office of Special Investigation against Robis for submitting to BSP three verified quarterly consolidated statements of condition for 2006 that reflected nonexistent deposits in the bank's cash-in-bank account.
Bangladeshi operator Robi Axiata has announced a partnership with ISP MetroNet Bangladesh, to provide enhanced connectivity for Robi's cloud service subscribers.
Hospital at the town center but Robis died along the way.
Bangladeshi Prime Minister has approved the planned amalgamation of the two telecom operators - Robi Axiata and Airtel, within a few months of its announcement by the companies.
Robis Elections provided Brazoria County with pre-configured all-in-one cases to make set up and the check-in process most efficient.
In a statement, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas said Robis was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt on three counts of Violation of Section 26 of Republic Act No.