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ROBOTRelief of Boredom of Teenagers (youth program; UK)
ROBOTResidents Official Board of Technology (Humboldt State)
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The Japan Robot Association anticipates that demand for eldercare robots will make the personal-robot industry worth $40 billion by 2025.
In the presentation, Takahashi also showed a video presentation on the world's first female-type robot, which mimics feminine walk and moments.
With the new self-modeling robot, cognitive scientists might investigate whether people and other animals employ abstract representations of their bodies and environments, Lipson says.
Robot features eight spare output and five spare input terminals for connection to conveyors, spray mist, shear cutters and sensors.
The young engineers on each team needed to build a strong, reliable, mobile robot.
Flawless castings are transferred by the robot to a water spray where they are cooled from 752F (400C) to a temperature at which they can be handled manually.
For all the novelty in robot shape and engineering, robotics innovation is running in circles," Barakova laments.
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but enslavement and death could be some of its unintended children, and so many a robot story has served as a morality tale, warning us about the arrogance and limits of the human intellect.
Said one robot maker: "We are a long way from creating a robot that knows what that means.
SmarterChild is among a growing number of online chat robots or "bots"--sometimes called agents--that dispense information through simulating human conversation.