ROCAPRegional Office for Central America and Panama
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"In some parts of the ocean there's a sandwich of water where there's no measurable oxygen," Rocap said.
"Right now we've got bits and pieces of their genomes, just enough to say that yes, they're doing this arsenic transformation," Rocap said.
"I think it makes it far easier for unlicensed, unregulated folks to attach themselves to these funding streams that really should be for medical care," Rocap said of the proposed rule.
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Under the terms of the deal, the target's founder, Mark Meyers, will become CEO of Rocap Marketing.
This "is as good an example as you can find of someone who should not be put to death," Rocap told the National Law Journal before the execution.
base pairs; 2275 genes) in one of the low-light-adapted strains (Rocap
19 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and an upcoming Nature, were spearheaded by Gabrielle Rocap of the University of Washington in Seattle and Alexis Dufresne of the University of Paris.
David Ramirez, Kim Williams, and Kevin Rocap); (15) "'Facelessness' and Its Impact on Democracy and Diversity in Virtual Communities" (Carol Reid); (16) "CLMER Telementoring: Diversity-Responsive Teaching and Learning with Technology" (Kevin Rocap, Yolanda Ronquillo, and Joe-Feria-Galicia); (17) "Self, Visual Representation, Voice and Online Social Identity" (Sharon Tettegah); (18) "Bridging the Differences on the Web through Effective Communication and Collaboration" (C.Y.
Kevin Rocap, a co-director of the Pacific and Southwest Regional Technology in Education Consortium, one of six regional organizations with federal funding to provide training and technical assistance to schools, says he sees "anecdotal evidence" of growing awareness of the importance of professional development.