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Al Muti says "this has been one of our largest projects here in the UAE, and one of the most complex." The mega project has also been interesting in showcasing the infrastructure capabilities of Atkins, which is normally associated with iconic buildings such as the Rocce Forte Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
Palmer gives an extended close reading of the early scene in Men at Arms in which Guy, leaving Santa Dulcina delle Rocce, reflects on the puzzle that is his relationship to the town, observing that of all the foreign residents, he is the least "simpatico" even though the others are guilty of many social crimes (e.g., they leave bills unpaid, don't bother to learn Italian, are boring).
(8) Il colore rosso e dato dallo strato di sabbie e argille colorate del miocene e del quaternario che formano il bassopiano (Planicie Amazonica), nonche dai calcari metamorfici e da strati orizzontali arenosi e argillo-arenosi di colore rosso che ricoprono le antichissime rocce cristalline precambriane e mesozoiche, base dell'altipiano brasiliano (Planalto Sul-Amazonico).
The scene calls to mind Sigmund Freud canoodling Rocce Forte, shot by Robert Mapplethorpe.
Seven nights' half-board hotel accommodation, Hotel il Mulina (1 nt), Hotel Rocce Azzurt (3 nts) on Lpari and Hotel Torre Artale (3 nts).
Born into an illustrious, recusant Catholic family, the hero of The Sword of Honor, Guy Crouchback, is a man in his mid-thirties, nel mezzo del cammin, living in the Crouchback family castle in the Italian seaside town of Santa Dulcina delle Rocce. His childless marriage having ended in divorce, Guy has retired to Italy to the castle where he spent many happy holidays as a boy.
Dulcina, "titular patroness of the town" (Sword 15), known as "Santa Dulcina delle Rocce" (Sword 12).
We stayed at the superb Hotel Rocce Azzurre which sits on a rocky outlet less than 10 minutes walk from the hydrofoil jetty.
(3) In Men at Arms, Waugh mentions "pine and broom" at Santa Dulcina delle Rocce in Italy (Trilogy 8), and the ancestral estate of the Crouchbacks in England is named Broome.
We stayed at the superb Hotel Rocce Azzurre which sits on a rocky promontory less than 10 minutes walk from the hydrofoil jetty.